ved gasketsThe goal of the VED is to provide seals for the containment of fluids, in order to protect the environment from contamination and safety of people who work there.

The loss of fluids obviously have a different meaning depending on the fluid is harmless (such as water or water vapour) or malodorous liquids, toxic or dangerous. In the first case it will involve mainly a loss of efficiency on the plant.
On the other hand the loss of toxic / harmful fluids is not only uneconomical, but poses the serious problem of protecting the health of plant workers and the public, addition to protecting the environment. So, the choice and use of the right seal for your application, is part of responsibility of the plant managers and VED can be a valid partner in helping you to do the right choise.

Background on environmental legislation

“Sustainable development”

One of the main goals of this type of development is the significant reduction of fugitive emissions.

These losses are generally defined as “fugitive emissions”, and in this field the industrial of gasketing products, VED therefore, plays an important role in the development and application of containment technologies that reduce emissions or reset them.

The proper selection, installation and use of seal materials is important to ensure reliable sealing to the joint, during their lifetime. Therefore, the primary function of a gasket is to create and maintain the seal between two flanges in conditions that may vary greatly from assembly to assembly depending on the nature and type of application.

Continuous research by VED for a new type of gaskets as sealing systems and the use of leader company’s raw materials, as GRAFTECH® and EGC®, allow us to be in the position to supply high quality products. The production of sealing systems is splitted as follows:

Spiral wound gaskets;
Double jacketed gaskets;
Plane gaskets in different metallic or synthetic materials;
Packing in Grafoil® or in different materials for valves and pumps applications;
Supply of butterfly valves and expansion joints in PTFE;
Cover flanges in reagent materials for leakages detection;
Sealant and lubricant products by GRAFTECH® for all range of applications.
Seal products for air-cooler and to eliminate leaks from heat exchanger plugs

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