GRAFOIL® is the most recognized and most trusted brand of flexible graphite in the world. Leading a tradition of excellence, 

GRAFOIL® flexible graphite has been the FIRST fluid sealing
GRAFOIL® products contain no hazardous materials, are non-toxic, RoHS-compliant.
GRAFOIL® is anisotropic, resilient and compressible, naturally lubricious, thermally stable and easily to cut.

GRAFOIL® products are according the following quality certified:

  • ISO/TS 16949:2002
  • QS-9000-1998 registered since 2000
  • ISO-9002-1994 registered since 1996
  • 10 CFR 50 Appendix B
  • 10 CFR Part 21
  • ISO-10012 Calibration System
  • Mil Q 9858


and are rigorously tested according to the following standard:

  • DIN 3535 Saleability
  • ASTM F2378 Saleability
  • BSI F125 Hot Creep
  • ASTM Hot Compression Test
  • LECO TGA 601 – FSA MG604-6 (Oxidation Test)
  • FSA Steam Test Rig
  • All standard ASTM 104 Test Procedures


Test results prove that ash content has LITTLE EFFECT ON GASKET PERFORMANCES, BUT TRACE IMPURITIES have a BIG impact on performance and TRACE ADDITIVES such as phosphorous, can greatly reduce oxidation weight loss rates. 98% purity mean up to 20,000 ppm of impurities, “DON’T CONFUSE PURITY WITH PERFORMANCE!”

Critical Impurity Element GRAFOIL Sheet
Chromium (Cr) < 5 ppm
Sodium (Na) < 150 ppm
Sulfur (S) < 500 ppm

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