From the combination between GRAFOIL® excellence and the wide VED experience was born the SGS6000 packing. SGS6000 consist of middle preformed rings in GRAFOIL®, GTB® or GTJ®, GrafTech production, with a particular profile to optimize and improve sealing performances.


Top and bottom rings are also made in GRAFOIL®, GTB® or GTJ® but with different density instead of middle ring, to improve the sealability and to balance possible extrusion problem.

SGS 6000 Modified packing consist of two further top and bottom ring made of THERMABRAID® 3600. It is designed for application with large stem packing accommodation.

Chemical compatibility: PH from 1 to 14;

Temperature:   -204 °C, including oxygen;

+649 °C, Steam;
+454 °C, Oxidant environment;
+3300 °C, non-oxidant environment.

GRAFOIL® rings for valve autoclave packing

Since several years, the pre-formed rings in GRAFOIL ®, GrafTech product, took the place of soft iron or copper ring for valves seal application. The pre-formed rings in GRAFOIL ® have a top and bottom metal reinforce, with variable angles, according to usage, however 45 ° in the standard.

Thanks to the several number of shapes, VED can offers to our customers a very short delivery

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