Our TX 2440 gasket was tested and certified from MPA Stuttgart Otto-Graf-Institute, in accordance with guide line VDI 2440 (ed. November 2000) and VDI 2200 (ed. January 2007), and identified: HIGH GRADE PERFORMANCE ACCORDING TO TA LUFT.

By using the GRAFOIL GTKTM filler the gasket become more solid and dense. Furthermore the gasket eliminates the “hot spots” corrosion thanks to the non-organic inhibitor of corrosion.

The development of the design parameters of the elements constituting the gasket TX 2440, and continuous control of them allowed to exceed the tests according to VDI 2440 ed. November 2000 and VDI 2200 ed. January 2007.

The high performance of the TX 2440 allows to reduce considerably the FUGITIVE EMISSIONS in the environment. The coloration of the outer ring with the colour code of the metal strip and the centering ring allows easy identification of the seal.

TX2440 guarnizioni spirotalliche guarnizioni guarnizioni spirali

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