VED was born and grew in the industrial area of Priolo Gargallo (SR) where for years the company has given its contribute to the development of this area, that today can so boasts several industrial settlements.

During the years, VED has been adding more branches in Italy, in order to offer both in all the Italian area and also outside Italy the same quality service, always characterized by punctuality, efficiency and completeness.

Thanks to its technological competences and to its regular research activity, VED can compete with the most important competitors, especially in the oil-refining field and in the sectors of chemistry and thermoelectrical facilities.

Email Contacts:

GPE – Gasket Production Engineering Div.

TMS – Technical Maintenance Services Div.

CMA – Composite Material Applications Div.

GFE – Gestione Fugitive Emission (Monitoring) Div.
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For Info and Accounting –

  • Head office:

96010 Priolo (Sr)
Via Blanco 2
Tel. 0931 472700
Fax 0931 472742

  • Production Site:

96010 Melilli (Sr)
Zona Ind. Bondifè
Tel. 0931 776111
Fax 0931 776136

  • Branches:

72100 Brindisi
c/o Versalis
Tel. 0831 546016
Fax 0831 546016

  • 09100 Assemini (CA)

Z.I. Macchiareddu – Quinta Strada Traversa A
Tel. 070 241156
Fax 070 2548133

  • 31032 Casale sul Sile (Tv)

Via M.L. King 58
Tel. 0422 821382
Fax 0422 821283

  • 21055 Gorla Minore (Va)

Via A. Colombo 176
Tel. 0331 576780
Fax 0331 465600

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