THERMABRAID 3200 & 3600

THERMABRAID® packing is ideal for use in pumps and valves in petrochemical refining, hydrocarbon processing, pulp and paper, power and other industrial applications.

It is made of ONLY GRAFOIL® Flexible Graphite.There are no binders or resins and no wire filaments. Only pure THERMABRAID®/GRAFOIL® Flexible Graphite.

THERMABRAID® is resilient, compressible and thermally conductive.

It eliminates shaft and stem wear, is self-lubricating and is applicable to an extremely wide range of temperatures and pressures.

THERMABRAID® packing is fire safe, versatile and compatible with most fluid.

It provides universal service, long life. low maintenance and leak-free operation in most all applications.

It eliminates human error, because suitable for every kind of fluid, it has a very long work life, it works without maintenance, and delete every possibility of leaking in several application.

THERMABRAID® packing is an upgrade, it is the best choice for sealing every kind of fluid.

The big advantage of choosing THERMABRAID® packing over ribbon material or molded rings is in its ease of use. There are no precision measurements to be made, no expensive dies and no wrapping of lengthy strips of ribbon around the valve stem.

THERMABRAID® packing saves time and cost on installation and delivers the sealability for which flexible graphite is known.

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