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Friday 10 December during the event with the theme “The Value of the Company – The Value Company”, the “Competitiveness Award” is awarded to VED company, for its ability to evolve and improve, without ever losing the foundations of its identity, and for having grown to reach high levels of specialization in various sectors by choosing to become multifaceted; with the participation of Carlo Bonomi President of Confindustria.

The event, organized at OMER in Carini, is introduced by an EMOTIONAL VIDEO showing a sequence of Sicilian natural and historical beauties and local industrial and entrepreneurial excellence.

Introduction by Giuseppe Rossello President of Sicindustria Palermo and with words on Sicily out of stereotypes, the land of paradoxes, by Alessandro Albanese President of Confindustria Sicilia.


“What is more important than the value of our company?”

The commitment of entrepreneurs who continue to fight the battle every day to produce wealth and value locally; they can win against the slowness of the bureaucracy by uniting together.


13 awards delivered to Sicilian companies of excellence in the world, which have distinguished themselves for COMPETITIVENESS, INNOVATION, for BRAND IDENTITY.

COMPETITIVENESS sector, excellent companies, the first company to be awarded was VED, introduced for its “historical success in the fiberglass and piping sector but which over time has changed and renewed a lot and younger than ever”, thanks to its ability to innovate and to have specialized in various sectors belonging to industrial engineering. In fact, there are now four Business Units within the company that are constituted as nodes of a system based on the value of research and development of solutions for specialized maintenance in operation on all Oil & Gas industrial plants at the national level and important international players.

Venerdì 10 Dicembre, nell'ambito dell'evento "Il Valore dell'Impresa - L'Impresa di Valore", è stato conferito a Ved da Confindustria, alla presenza del Presidente Carlo Bonomi, il "Premio Competitività" per la sua capacità di evolvere e migliorarsi senza perdere mai i fondamenti della propria identità, per essere cresciuta raggiungendo alti livelli di specializzazione in diversi settori scegliendo di diventare poliedrica.


What are some news to mention?

In recent years, VED has been engaged in the research and development of new products and services including the Eureka-Machines brand, which defines itself as an innovative solution, engineered for specialist maintenance on-site, thanks to the use of machinery portable; made and designed on request based on the technical needs to be satisfied.

The Eureka-Machines brand was born a few years ago and is already known in more than 100 countries from all over the world.

A novelty in terms of services offered, which arises thanks to the experience acquired over the years on fiberglass and then expanded in the use of various applications with composite materials, is the repair of pipes damaged by the action of corrosion.

This specific service aimed at the industrial area, called SRS – Steel Recovery System, includes a set of solutions that allow the safety of entire lines within industrial plants without having to stop the plant, thanks to the peculiarities of composite materials.

These are just some of the R&D activities launched within the 4 VED Business Units; for a more detailed story, we refer you to other technical insights:

Research and development

TMS. Through-valve-leak Monitoring and Services

Special Heat Exchanger tube bundle extractor




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