Reduce costs and increase efficiency with VED’s valve care package. You know that malfunctioning valves can lead to a variety of problems including increased maintenance repair costs, and even worse, overall inefficient plant operations. Replacing valves is expensive, which is why it is important to entrust your valves to a company with expertise, comprehensive facilities, and a proven track record in engineering services throughout the world. VED offers all of these through an integrated solution.

revisione di valvole in officina revisione valvole valve repair


Our VED valve repair solution is a unique combination of highly-skilled technicians that provide on-site, emergency and scheduled repair services; scheduled or routine shop repair; VED has also a range of portable milling machine to work on kind of valve typologies up to DN 600.

revisione di valvole in opera valve repair on site


At the end of the review is completed for each valve a report containing the data characteristics, and their conditions of occurrence, another action is taken, parts replaced, and directions for the next revision.


The calibration is carried out by the TREVITEST System, equipment ISPESL, according to the specifics contained in paragraph E1.D2.11.2., and the E collection, without disconnecting the valve and continuity of operation. The TREVITEST is an apparatus composed of hydraulic device capable of applying a force to the stem of the safety valve and a measuring system that detects and records the force applied by highlighting the value necessary to cause the opening of the shutter. The system meets the conditions specified by ISPESL Circular No. 25654 of 9 July 1982 and later No. 65/92 6 August 1992.

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