GRP Pipes and fittings

Thanks to the experience gained in the course of time today VED is established as a leading manufacturer of GRP pipes and products with dedicated support engineering, design, and testing and on-site installation. VED work in the field of fiberglass since 1970 having developed a technology to design and manufacture products in GRP with the production system “continuous filament winding”. ISO 9001 certified by DNV since 1994 confirms the important that company gives to quality standards and consequently research efforts of systems and processes that guarantee, with excellent product quality, maximum safety of workers and the constant environment.

Over the years VED reached hight and important results as reaching the quota zero injuries. Focusing on innovation VED is now complete with the new range of products and services related to the use of composite materials baptized under the theme BEYOND THE PIPING.

VED’s Pipe is manufactured with C.F.W. process, according to European and international standards as UNI EN; ISO; ASTM; AWWA; BS, using fiberglass strands and thermosetting polyester resins duly selected. The pipe’s length can be over 12 meters.

Pipe are made up of three layers:
Chemical resistant layer (Liner ) The high ‘’C’’ glass surfacing veil content performs very good properties of chemical inertness versus chemical corrosion.
Mechanical resistant layer Depending on the structural wall thickness designed by VED engineers this wall may have a very high ‘’E’’ glass content. The pipe could manufactured by adding some percentage of sand filler. Other filler used are for viscosity control, fire retardance and electrical conductivity.
Outer protective layer A resin rich outer layer containing ultraviolet inhibitors is applied over the mechanical resistant layer in order to prevent wethering effects.

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