Flange Facing

Our standard and special application machine tools, designed and manufactured in-house up to a range of nd 6000 mm to appropriate National and International standards, are ready to handle a wide range of challenges. VED’s internally – and externally – mounted machines are lightweight, strong and flexible. This state-of-the-art equipment is capable of facing, turning, grooving and weld preparation in even the most hazardous areas, and for a variety of applications.

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Portable milling controlled machines have been designed specifically for milling pump and motor bedplates, heat exchanger division plates, including external and internal keyways in shafts and bores, hatch covers, as well as for square flanges.

fresatura setti fresatura basamenti

Restoration of rolling ribs of rotary dryers

Thanks to the work experience of these years we are able to restore the surfaces of contact of bearing ribs in rotary dryers, rotary furnaces, granulators, and all these machines with rolling ribs. This machine consists of a belt sander provided with a system of shock absorbers and with a feeler, to restore the circularity of the surfaces of contact on rolling ribs. Some of these machines, called Eureka-Machines, offer many portable on-site solutions.

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Line Boring

Yet one more way VED can decrease plant maintenance downtime is by using the on-site boring service for applications requiring the machining of two or more in-line bores, by obtaining tolerances of centesimal order on cilinder surface up to dn 2500 mm.

alesatura alesatura barenatura barenatura








Journal Turning

Avoid tedious and time-consuming equipment strip downs by isolating the area of the plant you need to re-machine. VED’s pneumatically-driven portable machines can repair worn or damaged journals of various diameters up to nd 2000 quickly and efficiently.

tornitura perni albero tornitura perni







Stud Drilling

Our capabilities include the controlled removal of broken or seized studs from turbine half joints, cylinder heads, vessels, etc. – without damaging the parent metal. In addition to these specific services, VED is also able to machine hub profiles, front and back faces of heat exchangers, oval manways and handholes, and sealing surfaces of pressure vessels and boilers. Finished machine surfaces can be flat, recessed, spigotted, raised, face or ring grooved, and surface finishes from fine to phonographic.

foratura maschiatura maschiatura foratura







Laser equipment for planes and flanges measurement

As support to flange facing application, we can make the surface flatness before the facing to determine the entity of damage and at the end of the work to evaluate the maintenance quality.

Strumentazione laser per misura planarità piani e flange Strumentazione laser per misura planarità piani e flange2 Strumentazione laser per misura planarità piani e flange3


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