New EUREKA Machines, for on-site machining maintenance

The value of a company’s employees contributes to its growth; also, in VED we have chosen to focus on the value of experience and competence to reach new goals in collaboration with our customers. Every company needs to grow to guarantee innovation and updating.

Where did the choice to create new products and services come from?

After many years of activity within an ever-expanding market, it may happen that a certain need arises. All companies, which know how to observe carefully, will be called to carry out analyzes and make decisions. For example, in our case, it happened when, after several years of collaboration with various refinery and petrochemical plants, the laws that imposed fugitive emissions controls were issued; this is how our internal GFE department dedicated to LDAR – Leak Detection And Repair was born. Or sometimes it is the customer who asks for support in finding innovative solutions. This will push the company that provides the service to start an R&D process to find a final solution. Here, then, is the case in which we were asked to extract a tube bundle, which has been blocked for years inside the shell of a heat exchanger; from this request, we invented a Special Extractor (below pic).

New product is born within the R&D for On-Site Machining Department at VED

After the introduction, here we are now to present you a brand new site, entirely dedicated to our new on-site machines: EUREKA-MACHINES.COM

For years our Mission has always been to offer engineered solutions; internally we constantly seek improvements to the different types of work we carry out. The restoration of a 6 meters long base required the creation of a milling machine to be capable of performing the machining without errors, beyond the standard lengths; in VED we have chosen to design it and complete the work activity by a machine we built. This was the first of many successes. Milling, boring, lapping, and similar machines will be customized by us during the following years, to reach the new market standards.

Experience grows when we design a solution on-site, to restore the rolling rollers of the rotary kilns of cement plants, without the need to stop production. Two specific machines are used for this type of maintenance, as described on the Eureka website.



A new opportunity arises within our skills: thanks to the increased experience, today we design a new range of portable machines for multiple applications.

We invite you to visit the new website, which offers all the detailed information for the sale of Eureka portable machines:


Eureka machines are custom-designed, following both customer requests and technological evolution, thanks to the support of the mechanical engineering department in VED, for continuous research and development.



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