Working in Safety

VED and COEMI are companies that have always wanted to centralize their activities on the main value that SAFETY has, even more so for the type of activities they carry out on a daily basis. All companies interested in maintenance activities within industrial plants are involved in being an active part in compliance with the rules that ensure that the entire refinery or plant is safe, both for the people who work there and for the environment.

WORKING IN SAFETY is a factor linked to the business culture, for the employees who are part of it, about choices that an entrepreneur have to take; care for people’s lives must become a primary mission.

Receiving positive scores from the Official Control Bodies of the clients pushes us to continue saying that: “Let’s not stop, because SAFETY is not a goal that can be reached but a safeguard to be maintained, a level of attention that must always remain high, a reason for involvement for all the other companies that are still struggling against old legacies, a value to be treasured! “


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