We have a story to tell you!

A story that makes clear the importance of believing in something and striving to achieve it.

We all have a dream to which we dedicate time and resources to see it come true! Life is the most intense path of growth that we choose to follow, to get to know ourselves better and learn more and more. There are other paths, such as choices or periods of life, these enhance our experience.

We want to tell you about our Raffaella and her strength to participate in the 49th New York Marathon, with all of us at VED.

The New York Marathon, the most famous in the world, which winds its 42,195 km across all 5 districts of the “Big Apple” starting from the Verrazzano Bridge and ending in Central Park.

The first New York City marathon was held in 1970 with 127 runners who paid $ 1 as an entrance fee to participate in the race that then took place running a few laps around Central Park; 55 runners crossed the finish line.

Remember that, due to the bridges along the stretch and the climbs of 1st Avenue and Central Park, the vertical difference is equal to 253 meters, and the time that is lost during the uphill race cannot be recovered in the next descent. So, those who participate in the New York marathon must consider losing about 60-90 “compared to a flat course.

From Italy we were the most numerous participants immediately after the residents, with 2,846 finishers.

This is how Raffaella talks about her experience on Sunday 3 November 2019 and with the added value for the company of her colleagues from Italy:

“If only the eyes had the gift of being able to write and be able to speak, I would certainly have the most beautiful novel to present. All this, however, I entrust to a few, but significant words.
The marathon is planned, modeled, sculpted until it takes shape and life, enriching eyes, heart and soul. It is invaluable to reach the goal as much dreamed of, as much as seeing the medal around your neck and letting go of tears. I cried before the marathon and thought “but is it happening?”; I cried at the entrance of the long avenue that would take me to the finish line, when the cheering became intense; I cried on arrival when, rolling my eyes, I gave him the most intense kiss and thought “what did I do?”. It is not a race, there are no opponents, there are no personal ambitions other than ardently wanting to reach that finish. Instead, there is a shortness of breath for the very strong emotion of a dream come true, of immense joy for having had the courage and the choice to chase …
The marathon, this one, is a rare magic made of millions of eyes watching you, of hands that never stop beating, of voices and incitements that act as a background to your progress.
New York is this …. warmth, chills, tears, immense in its numbers and in its driving force. In New York everything is accomplished …. legs, head, heart and tears that last 42 km and 195 m until the end of the breath.
A great medal …. thanks New York, … “

… and in the meantime from Italy, we too live a part of this experience:

“I knew that Raffaella loved running and when she told me that she had bought the ticket for the New York marathon she became my hero! …

I followed the challenge on TV for the first time, trying to see her among the thousands of people who ran 42 and more kilometers from the Verrazzano bridge to Central Park.
I imagined her under that blue sky, supported by a lot of people, while aside from the effort she had her eyes full of beautiful images and her heart full of emotions.

When she sent me the photo of the medal, I was proud of my little-great colleague, who with all her perseverance, determination, passion and strength had succeeded in her race!

Great Raffaella!!!
And now we are waiting for your next adventure !!! “

– Annalisa


Like Raffaella at the New York Marathon, VED has also been running its marathon for over 50 km (km = years) thanks to the commitment of the people who make it up. In the face of the opportunities presented over these years, human value has always won, choosing in the group’s skills and in testing itself; sometimes even attempting the impossible (discovering with satisfaction that it was not – “One of the greatest discoveries a man can make, one of his greatest surprises, is to discover that he can do what he was afraid of not being able to do.” -Henry FORD). Resistance, resilience, team, tenacity, these are the main words at the base of any challenge worth facing, as already mentioned by Raffaella!

VED thanks Raffaella for sharing her dream and her experience which embodies the challenges of all of us. Our challenges that we face daily to continue increasing the individual and group experience!


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