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Stress Analysis


Effective data management during the design phase can be a great added value for the phases of operational management and optimization of the entire life cycle of the same.

VED Engineered Support:

  • Calculation of Stress Analysis ( GRP / FRP / PRFV / GRE )
  • Analysis of three-dimensional color system piping
  • Isometric calculation with the locations and the types of supports to help ensure an appropriate support line project
  • Checking the validity and sufficiency / insufficiency of supports provided in the executive project with modifications and / or additions
  • Maximum forces acting on the single media
  • Location and size of the fixed points in fiberglass to achieve if necessary
  • Calculations according to various codes (BS, DIN,ASME Sec. I, Sec. III, Sec . VIII) CIVIL DIVISION


VED supports the designers of civil works, with a modular software for the integrated management of networks of fluids under pressure and gravity, so it is able to simulate networks of pressurized fluids (water, gas pipelines, etc..), and networks of fluids gravity regime of permanent motion, varied and gradually varied.

The results of the tabulation will be available both in graphic form and in the form of tabular summaries. In the case of networks to pressure, it is possible to simulate the various operating conditions, even in an emergency. In the case of fluid networks gravity of white water or mixed, you can test the skills they have collectors in the disposal of the flow in order to determine what will be the consequences of an event meteoric normal or exceptional.



Through the use of transparent input and export functions between various modules CAD and structural analysis programs, you can make integration a “smart” that allows you to create a comprehensive system functional, saving considerable amount of engineering hours and drastically reducing the errors that can be entered during the step of calculating the models.

For analysis you can quickly view, with a color code, the efforts and reach to every point in the circuit in order to optimize the route. The ability to enable timely interfaces for the insertion of any type of forcing mode in both static and dynamic loads allows the management of static and / or dynamic loads imposed by the user and / or their combination.

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