The Termo-Fluido-Dinamic Performance

One of the main problems on Air Fin Coolers is the Header bending, caused by the tightening of the bolts on the flange Headers.

Because of that, the thermo-fluid-dynamic efficiency of the equipment is compromised. In fact this bending header deformation allows, erroneous, the fluid to pass though header groove and not inner finned tubes (see picture), finally not being cooled for the process.


Furthermore this fluid passage could start erosion phenomena damaging pass-rib and header, increasing the quantity of fluid moving in the other wrong area of the equipment.

Another risk is the mass flow rate loss inside finned tubes, with consequently increasing drop pressure caused by inner dirtiness lay down. More over, if bolts load is limited to avoid the Header bending, then could happen to have not the correct pressure along the gasket seat with consequent fluid leaks.

VED’s Research&Development Division found the solution to the above issues by using a special gasket that assure the sealing at low loads in order to not incur into Header deformation bending.

By Cutting from a sheets layer, this gaskets are made in sectors, with puzzle junctions; easy to handle, all the complete long gasket will be mounted directly on the flange seat, jointing all the pieces between themselves.

Download PDF data sheet

thumbnail of Air Cooler Header Gasket by VED

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