The priority for every industrial plant is to stay online. At VED we help maximize uptime by sealing leaks online, onsite and under pressure. This means you keep producing the ‘product’ while we solve your leak problems. You save time, energy and – most importantly – you save money. All this, while simultaneously reducing noise and emission levels, erosion damage, as well as improving plant safety.

Whether it’s steam, hydrocarbons or gas – including over 300 types of chemical – at temperatures ranging from sub-zero to 1112°F (600°C), and at pressures up to 5,076 psi (350 bar g), VED offers a leak-sealing solution.

At VED, we take our commitment to protect the environment as seriously as our commitment to the customer:

  • Our solutions maintain the integrity of your process systems.
  • Keeping systems online reduce the amount of potentially harmful and polluting fugitive emissions released into the atmosphere.
  • Our goal is to extend the life of your plant components. ‘Repair rather than replace‘ enables you to avoid the unnecessary remanufacturing and replacement of equipment.

eliminazione perdite leak sealing

Valve leaking

The process involves the injection of a suitable compound in the joint, or in the element where there is the leak, which seals the gaps through which the loss occurs, hardening after the application. The injection occurs through holes drilled on the joint without changing the operating conditions of the line. Holes, properly threaded, special attacks are then applied to the injection pump connected to hydraulic or pneumatic.

perdite da valvole eliminazione perdite da valvole

Flange joint leaking

The sealing compound is retained between the flanges thanks to a metal wire, usually brass one, or also, when needed, through special restrain stainless steel metal ring projected and made by from VED.

perdita da giunti flangiati clamp

Pipe leaking

In case of leaks fromholes or cracks frompipes thanks to a suitable mecchanical clamp sealed with right sealing compound the leak is stopped. We can operate on straight collectors, curves and TEE leads of any pipe diameters.

perdite da tubazioni eliminazione perdita da tubazioni eliminazione perdita da tubazione

Hot Tapping

Hot tapping is a technique for making a connection to piping or vessels while the existing system is operating under pressure.

esecuzione fori in pressione esecuzione foro in pressione esecuzione foro in pressione online

Maintenance services on under pressure lines

Line pluggings

Line plugging provides an effective shut off to pressurised pipes and vessels and is used to isolate systems for repair or modification.

esecuzione stop di linee esecuzione stop di linea2 esecuzione stop di linea

Pipe freezing

Pipe freezing is widely acknowledged as a safe, reliable and highly cost-effective method of temporary pipe isolation and offers a number of major benefits including no need to drain down systems.

pipe freezing pipes freezing

Composite Repair Solution

Advanced composites technology combines structural strength and permanent repair – without disrupting production. Composite repair technology offers a long-term performance solution that provides permanent, minimal maintenance repairs. Every composite repair we execute is fully engineered to suit the application and is designed to achieve optimal bonding to the substrate material and to retain full structural strength and integrity of the repaired asset. Typical applications include:

  • Permanent repairs
  • Equipment longevity
  • Structural strengthening and integrity
  • Minimal impact to productivity

Rivestimento tubazioni Rivestimento tubazioni sottospessore con materiali compositi Rivestimento tubazioni con materiali compositi

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