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trafilamenti valvola controlloThe Through Valve Leak monitoring is done through the use of instrumentation ADD (acoustic detection device) that enables the detection of leakage and the quantification of losses. The technology used, records the sound waves emitted, in the field of ultrasound, by motion of the molecules that are generated in consequence to a leakage. The measurement acts by contact; the ultrasonic sensor is placed on the outer surface of the source and the monitoring is completely non-intrusive. It is possible to monitor losses up to a lower limit of 1l/min. It is also possible the monitoring of high temperature valves.


Through Valve Leak is an internal leak in a valve that occurs from the encounter of seat-shutter. For the safety valves and the shut-off valves, this phenomenon leads to a significant problem which results in a loss of product and/or energy.

The activity in question arises, as objective, to survey and monitor the valves in order to identify those which result in leakage and plan corrective maintenance actions aimed at their elimination, with the aim to drastically reduce waste arising.


The intercept valves and the BD circuit safety valves can, with the passage of time, give rise to Oil leaks that result in large losses of product intended for destruction in the flashlight.

Within the energy production processes, monitoring of leakage of the steam circuit valves is useful in order to eliminate the waste of energy, otherwise hardly detectable.

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