ved-xt1-double-metal-jacketed-gasketSEAL PERFORMANCE UPGRADES

Gasket XT1 is an improved innovation of traditional double jacketed gasktes. Structurally, it is much more resistant, since it has the most extensive seams that prevent the opening of the “Jacket”. Between the two inserts of Grafoil® it is inserted a layer of “Metal” which strongly reduces the extrusion (when the thickness of the Grafoil® is lower, the tendency to extrude is less). Both mentioned features allow the gasket to retain its original width, most of normal double jacketed gasket, and even under high loads not by cracking at the edges; phenomenon that often leads to collapse.

XT1 Metaljacketed metalloplastica guarnizione

The crossbars are obtained from straight elements, joined together and to the circular part of the gasket, by brazing. The innovation in the joining system between the cross bar and the circular part, makes the gasket homogeneous, on the whole circumference, as no longer influenced by cross bars made from whole piece.

Thanks to the use of the coating with Grafoil® Silver adhesive, applied on both faces of the gasket, since it is not a corrugated tape, it gives the best alignment capability, and a greater adaptability to irregularities of the sealing surfaces of the flanges.

XT1 metalloplastica double metal jacketed


Better alignment capability

Greater adaptability to any surface irregularities of the sealing surfaces of the flanges


An ASME PCC-1. 2013 note, in connection with the use of grafoil as a coating of double jacketed gaskets, reports:
“Field application of graphite tape to conventional double-jacketed gaskets is not recommended and is not as effective as purchasing a gasket with graphite facings specified as part of the inherent gasket design.”

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