GrafoiL® GTL® – antiseize and thread sealant paste Grafoil®gtl®, thread sealant paste, it is a patented Product, consisting of high-purity grade. It has long-life Performance, even under the most severe conditions. It is suitable to seals small diameter, close tolerance threaded pipe joints in critical service applications to 635°c (1175°F) and 52 mpa (7.500 Psi). Created to easy application, grafoil® gtl® prevents corrosion, it is The ideal replacement for teflon® thread sealant tape and other conventional materials for high temperature and pressure applications and it does not harden or cure with time or temperature.

Grafoil®gtl® does not harden and not polymerize with temperature and time.

Sealed joints with Grafoil®gtl® are easy to disassemble after years of high-temperature use.

Technical Data:

  • Composition: Nuclear grade graphite flakes and high hydrocarbon
  • Carbon content: min 99,5% in graphite flake;
  • Maintenance: temperature lower than 38°c (100°F) for 2 years after the first use.

gtl lubricant paste


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