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It is very common practice coating the Metal Jacketed gaskets with adhesive graphite tape. During the application the tape is deformed to follow the curvature of the gasket. This operation is always less easy with increasing of the width and the diameter decreases.
VED, to simplify the application, in the field or on the shop floor, supplies  adhesive tape cut shaped. In this way the deformation to be imparted to the tape is reduced by more than ten times and you get a regular finish, without cracks and / or overlaps.

GRAFACE from VED for Metal Jacketed Gaskets

The tape-shaped cut is produced in various widths and for the diameter range, coiled in packaging for the coating of a gasket.

A simple guide helps you choose the package best suited to the coating of the gasket. The pack contains a sufficient quantity of sectors to the coating of the gasket. On each sector, there is an extra-length of 100 mm. It is suggested that the tape width does not exceed that of the seal and that the joints are not overlapping, and with 45 ° cut.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are the advantages of a coated GRAFACE gasket?
It enhances the gasket sealing characteristics by compensating also not noticeable irregularities.
What are the disadvantages of a gasket not GRAFACE coated?
If the flange surface presents irregularities, even the smallest, there is the risk of not having the seal.
Why is it important to have a GRAFACE KIT available?
It can solve some needs on site and is structured to obtain a high quality finish.
Is the GRAFACE useful also on other types of seals?
Yes, it is possible; it replaces and improves the quality of the application of any other graphite tape. It can be used on “Spiral wound” and “Solid Flat Metal” gaskets following standards of compatibility with metallurgy and fluids. (Not good for covering Kamprofile …).
During removal of metaljacketed gasket from the coupling flange, the GRAFACE remains stuck in the seal? ... Or in the flange?
If everything is well done it will remain applied to the gasket. At equal conditions the GRAFACE remains longer applied to the seal than other graphite tape.
What the GRAFACE kit includes?
Everything you need to take action on any metaljacketed gasket seal with diameters of 800-2000 mm.
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