TX 9030 is a dielectric joint consisting of material with excellent properties both dielectric and mechanical. It have an easy installation in any conditions and in any flanges size.

The gasket is made of EURO-ISOL rubber, with a resistance of 1010 Ohm (According to UNI 4288), a shore hardness of 65, a tensile strength of 9 MPa (According to UNI 6065) and a temperature resistance until 80°C. The Layer is Cerisie (National Research Centre) certified. (1 MPa = 10,2 Kg/cm2).

The ISOL 402 reticular polyolefin bushes are formed directly on site, according to the real dimensions of the bolts, that are covered with a special shrink sheath.

The insulating washer are made of VED-079 or of UCAR-323; The security washer are made of Cadmium plated carbon steel.


  • High versatility and easy assembly;
  • Bushes stock reduction: is available a wide range of shrink tubes with high shrink ratio (2:1)

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