Aircooler Special Plug by VEDVED has designed and patented Special Aircoolers Plugs and Gasket to solve the seal problem that occur more and more frequently.

VED project solution has structural and geometrical elements that limit installation errors and offer the possibility to replace the seal during equipments service, through [LSS] Leak Sealing Solution method. Special VED Gasket is turned and has a particular toric section to imprint higher and more regular pressure along the circumference, without superficial damages. In this way seal is assured through a lower prearranged torque moment to preserve the threads. ASP and ASG Plugs and Gaskets has great success in refinery and chemical plant use.

This belong from a very long time in problems solving activities VED was involved, around chemical and refinery plant maintenance services, for the production of industrial gaskets. All the supplied products were produced not only to make satisfied our customer but above all to improve safety and loss of emission through under pressure equipment. The Aircooler Special Plug and his Special Gasket was one of the big result of our know how.



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In order to solve the problems of leakage from the inspection plugs of aircoolers,
VED designed special plugs and gaskets. The plug proposed by VED has a special design to reduce assembly errors, several due to the large amount of existing holes on each unit, and offer the possibility to seal any leakages, during the unit in service.

Let’s see how ASP, new plug generation, works

Please find as following an explaining picture section and a video to see how easy is sealing a leak.



In the following video, we are going to thread a plug under pressure, using a damaged gasket to simulate the leak. To see and control the air loss we will use soap with water, that will demonstrate us the presence of the leak and the next reduction of the leak while pumping compound inside the threads. At the end of the video it will be clear how the compound stops the leak by filling into the seat along the side of the gasket.

In any case the compound give always the possibility to remove the plug easily, not damaging the threads.


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