TMS – Technical Maintenance Service

Problem Solving Mechanical Maintenance for Industrial Plant and Gasket Flanges

Any industrial plant would anything in its capacity to ensure that it keeps running at all times. It is inevitable to have some breakdowns since most of the equipment tends to wear off after a given period of time. However, even with such issues, the right approach would be using specialized maintenance on site services so that the production process does not stop, for whatever reason. This will save you energy, time and money since you will keep working as usual when the repairs and maintenance are done. All the work will be done, and all checks and balances will be factored in so as to ensure the safety of the workers and the plant at large.

Professional specialized maintenance on site services

There are so many things that can go wrong in an industrial plant and rectifying the issue may take some time. You can imagine having to close down your plant so that you can get your problems resolved. This would not go well with any logical business man. As the manager of the plant, it is your duty to ensure that all systems are running as they ought to be. When you work with professional experts, you can be guaranteed of specialized maintenance on site services.

These are considered to be problem solving repairs that will enhance the overall safety of the plant. Leak sealing of pipes is one of the maintenance processes that can be handled onsite. You should allow professionals to provide the right solutions that will keep your plant up and running without subjecting anyone to danger. All the solutions that are offered by the experts in specialized maintenance on site services will maintain the highest integrity.

Keeping the Systems Running

The main objective of on-site problem solving maintenance is to ensure that all the systems remain online. With that being the case, all possibilities of harmful and fugitive emissions that pollute the atmosphere are contained and managed effectively. This is essential in ensuring the safety of the environment and those who live in it. The main objective of the specialized maintenance on site services is to keep your plant running and extend its life. When you make it a habit the gasket flanges instead of replacing them, you will avoid unnecessary costs and replacement of the parts.

Problem Solving Repairs

For the safety of everyone, you should not attempt to fix anything that you are not sure of in the plant. If there is something faulty, then you should allow the specialized maintenance on site services to be conducted. This will ensure that there is minimum interruption on the production and timely solutions will be provided. It is imperative to ensure that frequent maintenance routines are carried out to keep the industrial plant safe.

Plant in operating services

  • leaks sealing with plants in operation;
  • execution of holes under pressure without interrupting the production process;
  • calibration of safety valves with running system;
  • fugitive emission control.

During Shut Down of Plant

  • flange flanging up to 5800 mm in diameter;
  • milling of pumps, compressors, turbines, engines, etc;
  • turning of shaft pins of presses, agitators, fans, etc;
  • boring and boring of bearing seats, pins, bushings, etc;
  • drilling and tapping up to 4 “;
  • grinding of rolling tracks and supporting rollers of rotating ovens;
  • revision of shut-off valves, regulation and safety in the workplace and in the workshop;
  • tightening of tie rods using torque wrenches and hydraulic tensioners with load control applied;
  • SGS program: maintenance intervention system for pressure equipment.


Date 11 October 2020
Client VED Division

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