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A Service in mobility

VED offers this on-site service for refineries from several years now, adding to the experience in the field of gasketing materials, the h24 availability of an effective presence in the local area with a mobile warehouse containing any type of seal required during a shutdown. The advantages of the service are: do not have to managing large quantities of gaskets through the warehouse of the refinery, and not having to spend time and personnel in issueing more purchase orders of gasketing materials to the supplier, and avoiding any risk of shortage of materials due to approximate estimations and / or found not real during the plant shutdown.


What it consists

The size of the mobile warehouse change according to the needs required by the customer. Usually occupies an area of ​​about 30m2 and inside, thanks to a shelving adequate, seals, usually standard, are arranged for easy management depending on their diameters and types. Skilled technicians offer both their availability and technical expertise during the entire shutdown period, not only in the distribution of the materials but also as a direct line to the supplier in case of emergencies where it is often required ready-made solutions and immediate, thanks to the experience gained .